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from 1836

Stratta confectionery sat in Piazza San Carlo drawing room even before the statue of Emanuele Filiberto came on the back of his bronze horse. The crown-shaped chocolates still recall the Royals' preference for this small treasure chest. Caskets of colorful bonbons, fondants, candied fruits, meringues, marron glacés are just some of their most precious treasures.

is visible to eyes


Piazza San Carlo, 191

In winter, Stratta is a confectionery in the midst of continuing research and development, as well as a milestone for catering service, while from March to October it transforms into a splendid urban lounge overlooking Piazza San Carlo (open until 9:00 pm).

Patisserie has maintained the production of outstanding marron glacés, panettone, Easter eggs, while the most contemporary fruit flavors have been added to the celebrated candies.

Even though the variety of confetti and pralines seems infinite, do not miss to enjoy a refined lunch or a gourmet aperitif during good weather.

Tuesday - Friday h. 8.30 am - 7:30 pm, Saturday - Sunday h. 9:00 am - 7:30 pm,
Monday closed

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Stratta is a magical place to be discovered. It brings you back to childhood atmosphere, enjoying chocolate and candies in an exceptional historical setting that has witnessed Turin history.

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