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Turin historic cafés are a unique case within national and international scenes. Playing a fundamental role in the history of Turin as privileged places for pre-planning momentous changes tooking place, they presently constitute first and foremost a sort of "path" among the most significant aspects of contemporary Turin civilization, and contextually give the phrase "let's meet up for a coffee" a meaning far beyond the pause between one commitment and another; on the contrary, it expresses a willingness to confront, exchange, agree on decisions, plan for the future. If recently our city had future projects and today feels the need to have a new one, much of it is due to what is conceived and told in historic cafés. (Fiorenzo Alfieri)


Graduated in Pedagogy, Fiorenzo Alfieri has been an elementary teacher, founder of the Piedmontese group Movimento di Cooperazione Educativa, head teacher since 1979, member of IRRSAE Piemonte board directors, lecturer in evolutionary psychology at the Faculty of Psychology, and subsequently lecturer at the Faculty of Education Sciences of Turin University.

He wrote copious books and articles on psycho-pedagogical and political-administrative subjects; the main publications feature Tempo pieno e classe operaia, Il mestiere di maestro, Professione maestro, Il punto sul tempo pieno, L'attore culturale, Il senso di fare scienze, I modi di fare scienze, La città che non c'era, Strade parallele (la scuola, la vita), to name a few.

Fiorenzo Alfieri has a wide experience in managing Turin Municipality, being council member with several mandates, from the end of 1970s until early 2000s (the last two ones as Turin Councilor for Culture from 2001 to 2011).

Former President of Turin Accademia Albertina from 2013 to February 2019, from March 2019 he has appointed President of Rivoli Castle Contemporary Art Museum and, shortly thereafter, of Caffè Storici e Salotti Sabaudi Association.

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