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from 1907

Within daily hustle and bustle there is a safe shelter, Caffè Mulassano, a moment of pause nestled under Piazza Castello arcades, whose windows are the ideal screen for observing the city turmoil, except when the coffeehouse ended up on the big screen, as in Mario Soldati and Dario Argento films or Francesco Renga’s videoclip, Aspetto che torni.
The nineteenth-century furniture, perfectly preserved, is designed to be dismantled piece by piece and reassembled everywhere else - like a gentleman of the past sat comfortably in an armchair, but always ready for a new adventure.

is visible to eyes


Piazza Castello, 15

Caffè Mulassano is a 31sqm gem in the heart of Turin: offerings range from breakfast to aperitif until after dinner.

The great liquor choice of the restaurant, true to its origins, features a cocktail house whose secret ingredients always amazes whoever tastes it for the first time.

It is worthwhile having a Vermouth skillfully served by expert bartenders, who handed down the ancient art of mixing, while tasting a well-known Tramezzino from among a huge assortment, herein created long ago.

Everyday h. 7:30 am - 12:00 am, Wed. closed

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Caffè Mulassano actually opened in 1879 in Via Nizza as a wine bar: in 1907 the ownership was evicted and, while moving to Piazza Castello, decided to have a removable room built for fear of that happening again.

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