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from 1884

With its outdoor space in the shadow of Palazzo Carignano, for more than a century Gelateria Pepino has been part of the landscape and life of Turin. This historic café perfectly knows Turinese tastes and how to tempt their palates: many creations have royal coat of arms imprinted on; footballer Claudio Marchisio does not give up his fruit tart; Alberto Angela has a predilection for Pinguino alla crema, as John Turturro has for the first courses made of home-made fresh pasta. Born in 1939, Pinguino is the oldest ice cream on a stick, in a cultural climate that deemed consuming ice-cream bar during a walk a too daring habit. Overcoming that cliché, it continues to be a delicious break company for Turinese and out-of-towners.

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Gelateria Pepino

Piazza Carignano, 8

Service is sober, welcoming, refined, just as it suits to a typical Savoy salon.

Over the years, the tiny ice cream parlor has become a real café. Gourmet suggestions have expanded and now cover all day times: from breakfast to morning break, from lunch - traditional dishes have joined international trends in a contemporary version - to a snack, from aperitif up to after dinner, based on high-quality cocktails and blends.

Gelateria Pepino has always been a lounge where Turinese indulge in an insanely delicious treat or an intimacy moment surrounded by the suggestivePiazza Carignano setting.

Everyday h. 9.30 am - 9:00 pm

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In 1939 Pinguino was created "bare" to become "covered" only later. The current chocolate coating, in fact, was designed to prevent the ice cream from melting during the greediest Turinese strolls.

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