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from 1822

With Corinthian capitals, gilding and statues of classical inspiration, Caffè San Carlo looks like a temple dedicated to quiet life. Yet these rooms resonate with Risorgimento’s revolutionary winds, the artistic currents and ambitious projects that have seen the light here, such as the Arctic expedition of the Duke of Abruzzi aboard the Stella Polare. Illuminated by what - is rumored - is the largest Murano glass chandelier in Europe, San Carlo is a magnificent set, so for Italian cinema and fiction as for a surprising coffee break.

is visible to eyes

Caffè San Carlo

Piazza San Carlo, 156

The environment is a masterpiece of sumptuousness and elegance, made of Greek statues and columns, huge mirrors, gilded stuccos, marble, crystal chandeliers, crimson velvet seats.

True to the spirit of its name, San Carlo is a place where you can enjoy fine Savoy pastries, sip an astounding quality coffee (this lounge is famous for its fine blends!) or a hot chocolate.

It is, moreover, a space dedicated to conversation and meeting where to sit, relax, enjoy the delicacies of tradition, perhaps imagining that right there, on that very same table, Antonio Gramsci drank a coffee.

Everyday h. 8.00 am - 12:00 am

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Since its opening, Caffè San Carlo has become one of the most notable meeting places for Turin's progressive and reformist intellectuals, as opposed to the more conservative lounges of other historic venues. In fact, it was closed several times for the attendance of patriots accused of suspected (or proven) subversive activity.

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