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from 1780

Sat on Caffè Fiorio’s red velvet sofas, very likely enjoying a spoonful of gianduja ice cream, Tomasi di Lampedusa wrote La Sirena, the story of an extraordinary and unforgettable encounter, just as extraordinary and unforgettable were the characters who met in these same rooms. Since the end of the eighteenth century, Fiorio has been an aristocratic drawing room, a chamber for political debates - "What do people say at Fiorio?", asked Carlo Alberto every morning to whom could give him the state affairs report - a satirical editorial office, a literary café, but first of all it has remained an indispensable gathering place – to join friends or be absorbed in one’s reflections.

is visible to eyes

Caffè Fiorio

Via Po, 8

Caffè Fiorio still maintains a slightly retro atmosphere, among red velvets and countless mirrors, with typical Savoy elegance.

Actually, locals go to Fiorio for breakfast, while leafing through the pages of a freshly printed newspaper, a refined lunch in the bistro rooms, a tasty snack or aperitif. Above all, this is a notable landmark to eat ice cream.

The famous Fiorio ice cream recipes, still secretly handed down to guarantee an excellent product, are based on top-quality raw materials with proven reliability. Each taste conceals a constant search for balancing all the ingredients.

Always open

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It is said that at the beginning of the last century it was not absolutely appropriate to consume food on the street: therefore, the 1900 walking cone invention did not seem destined for success.

It was Fiorio manager of that time, who paid some charming young ladies so that they could defy the taboo, strolling along Via Po and demonstrating their enjoyment.

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