from 1763

The soft candles lights, the fragrance of sugared almonds, the ritual of a drink that bears its name: for more than two centuries Caffè Al Bicerin has enticed Turin ladies, who felt protected in the mannerly exquisite charm of the location, barely outside Consolata churchyard. That is a story of women behind the counter or sat at the white marble tables - from Queen Maria José to soubrette Wanda Osiris, from choreographer Pina Bausch to Oscar winner Susan Sarandon -, a story that has never lost its lure.

Uno scatto della sala interna del Caffè Al Bicerin, uno dei dieci Caffè Salotti Sabaudi a Torino.
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Al Bicerin Caffè

Piazza della Consolata, 5

Gourmet suggestions have been conceived to allow the visitor to enjoy a quaint, bygone atmosphere.

In addition to the veritable nineteenth-century drink - Bicerin – a delicious concoction of coffee and chocolate topped by a thick layer of fiordilatte, one cannot give up Zabaione - either in the classic version with marsala or flavored with muscat, lemon, Passito di Caluso, ratafià black cherries - or hot chocolate, prepared in traditional copper pots.

To take delight in sweeter flavours, the menu features Bicerin cake, Langhe hazelnut round cake and chocolate toast.

Everyday h. 8.30 am - 7:30 pm, Wed. closed

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For a unique sensorial experience, when tasting Bicerin, we advise you not to stir it so as to allow different densities, temperatures and flavors to blend directly on your palate.