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from 1858

The secret of a fruit Barattina melted immediately in the mouth. A woman who quickly wipes out a chocolate smudge, as a sort of crime evidence. These and who knows what other small gluttony sins Guido Gozzano must have witnessed... He amusedly wrote his poems at this nineteenth-century Turin beau-monde venue. No wonder, the first scene of The Sunday Woman, the most famous Turin thriller, has been set in the interiors liberty splendor: with charming, ancient mystery, Baratti & Milano is just that kind of spot where you would expect an exciting story to begin at any moment.

is visible to eyes

Baratti & Milano

Piazza Castello, 29

If you decide to go to Baratti & Milano, take some time to indulge yourself: take a seat, relax and choose from the wide range of Savoy sweets: you cannot miss out on Gianduiotti, Cremini, Cuneo, Braidesi, Piedmont hazelnut Pralines, all offered in manifold, tasty variations.

Another Baratti & Milano’s flagship is candies production: Classica embraces a traditional flavors range, including anise and rhubarb, stuffed fruit, liqueur, milk and mint. Last but not least, there are jellies. If you are a lover of the genre, they will delight you as no longer able to taste any other industrial imitation.

You can enjoy Baratti & Milano location at any time of the day, from breakfast to lunch without forgetting the aperitif.

Everyday h. 8.00 am - 8:00 pm, Monday closed

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Chocolate shop and cafeteria are still among the most elegant hangouts in Turin, as well as the most beautiful and prestigious historical places in Italy, the very site from which it started to grow and become a significant manufacturing reality.

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