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Caffè Storici e Salotti Sabaudi Association

Have you ever sat at a coffee table without doing anything but listen to the voice of that spot?
You would hear the cups clattering behind the counter, a sleepy mumble of those who order the first espresso of the day. Then, newspapers rustling, laughter that suddenly break out, out-of-towners chattering ​​in front of an elegant, astoundingly pleasant lunch. Perhaps you could even distinguish the whisper of a confidence between an unwrapped praline and a relished sandwich for snack. Finally, at evening, the tinkle of teaspoons, clinking in tea and chocolate cups, leave room for vermouth and exquisite wines glasses.

I cocktail di Stratta, uno di dieci Caffè Salotti Sabaudi di Torino

Now, try to imagine all these sounds, alike yet dissimilar each time, repeated over and over for more than two centuries. They have formed a continuous undertow, an uninterrupted story that still flows today, a vital tale always changing, like the course of a river.

Caffè Storici e Salotti Sabaudi Association is born with the aim of recording each of these stories and combining them under a distinguished, trustworthy voice that could dialogue, not only with the institutions of the city but the whole world.

Living a reality that does not fear change, Caffè Salotti Sabaudi form a sparkling constellation, unvarying in quality, passion, tradition, which today, as yesterday, still participates in the splendor of this city.


Turin is all that lies behind the Savoy austere strictness and innate self-restraint: there is more beyond their sense of duty and proverbial discretion. There is a city totally nestled in beauty, pampered by top-rate food, captivated by symmetries.

sabaudo /sa·bàu·do/

1. (regarding Turinese) Of, relating to, or characteristic of Turin.
2. (regarding dictionaries) From Casa Savoia (or Casa Sabauda), the dynasty that reigned in Italy from the establishment of Kingdom of Italy (1861) up to the Italian Republic foundation (1946): s. monarchy; s. coat of arms; Savoyard traditions.

Turin confectioners’ and pastry chefs’ mastery, along with a particularly delicious coffee and the consequent birth of significant international coffee manufacturing companies; the spread of cocoa not only as a hot drink, but also used by local maîtres chocolatiers for producing chocolates, together with Savoy determination and insistence in pursuing excellent projects, all that allowed the flourishing of creative artisan production now joint under the name of Caffè Salotti Sabaudi.

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